Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Burst of Sunshine

Another Outrageous Flower for your viewing pleasure!

This flower has be created using a bit of white, and lots of orange with a bit of golden tint.

The center is covered in orange fabric with yellow stiching and also is adorn with a few simple lavender crystals.

This outrageous flower sits a top an adorable 1 1/4 inch orange and white polka dotted headband.

The flower itself measures approx. 4 1/2 inches in diameter!

A bit of sunshine to put the finishing touches on your little one's adorable summer outfits!

N. A. Jade Designs

Flowers and Polka Dots

So this is one of my regular flower clips in all of its brightness!

I have taken Tangerine, Baby Pink and Sunshine to create this too cute headband!

The center is covered with a Sunshine and Baby Pink fabric that give it an almost Indian look!

The flower itself measures 3 1/2 almost 4 inches in diameter and sits upon a darling 1 1/2 inch Tangerine band with White Polka Dots.

Now as I have said in the previous post, the regular flowers and the outrageous only differ in fullness and a few centimeters in diameter.

I have started both the outrageous and the regular because I have found that some moms prefer that large outrageous POP to complete their little ones outfit!!

They are both Beautiful and crafted to make your little star look Posh and Perfect all in the same outfit!!!

N. A. Jade Designs

Outrageous Flower for Summer

So as I promised here are a few pictures of what is going on @ N. A. Jade Designs. This is a brand new Outrageous Flower Clip with Headband to match!

The Flower clip has been done in white, red/orange, and lime green also with a matching center which is fabric covered adorned with a few simple pearls.

The headband is one of the interchangeable bands, also in lime green!!

I call them "outrageous" flowers because they are a bit larger and much fuller than my regular flower clips.

This particular clip, has a very "Summery" look to it and it looks so full and in bloom!!

Now, wouldn't your little Star look adorable in this???

N. A. Jade Designs

Monday, June 1, 2009

First Giveaway!

Ok so as I am still new here and trying to get this up and running, I needed a little beginning exposure.

So my sister Courtney, over @ Chaos is Us and I teamed up and did our first giveaway, which seemed rather successful, especially for a newbie like me lol!

The giveaway consisted of a customized Flower Headband, received by Steph @ Adventures in Babywearing

And... a pair of my Kooky Korker Flops, received by Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend

I am super excited to create something beautiful for these two little girls in their lives!!

Oh yeah, I promise pictures will be up this week!

Thanks for stopping by!!

N. A. Jade Designs

Monday, May 25, 2009

Introducing N. A. Jade Designs

Hello All!!

My name is Chelsie and I am a mother to 3 beautiful little girls.

Jayden who is 4, Nadia who grew wings on August 31st 2007 and Averiana who is almost 8 months old.

Our favorite thing to do is shop and we all love accessories. After time and time again of looking through countless stores trying to find the most delightful of accessories to complete my Posh tot and Mini diva's colorful outfits, I came up with an idea, why not put my creativness and craftiness to use and do it myself.

So I did, and then a few other moms asked for custom designs and so I did!

And here we are in the beginning stages of N. A. Jade Designs the name speaks for itself. I tried to come up with "what should I call myself" over and over and I wanted to incorporate all 3 of my children's names, as they are my Inspiration, so it became....

N-for Nadia A-for Averiana and Jade because of Jayden
I just figure that I am probably not the only mom that has had trouble finding things, so hopefully oneday I will become a trend in toddler style and that I will have at least one something for every mommy looking for something. Even if it is just a small something!
For right now the things that I am starting with are:
Custom and pre-designed Flower Headbands- which can be made to stay or interchanged with each colorful outfit.
Mini Clippies- which are dazzled and decorated to be a perfect hair accessory and can even be customized to stay in the finest of baby hair
Korker clips and bows- which make a great pig tail accessory for any outfit or if you have a little cheerleader in your life they can be done accordingly. These cute hair accessories can even be clipped onto one of our interchangeable headbands.
Korker ribbon or flower flip flops- customized or premade to match any accessories, these could also become available in adult sizes based on demand.
Who wouldn't want their little Princess decked out for head to toe in girly ribbons, bows and flowers???
Other items are in the works and will soon become a part of N. A. Jade Designs.
Also pictures will soon be posted in the coming week of some of the designs that I have created!!
Hope you all enjoy!!